Ellen Crockett

TICA NW Regional Director

Running for Re-Election 2013-14

    As a TICA Charter Life Member, I have been pleased to see our Association grow since its birth in 1979. 34 years of experience have taught me some important truths.

   TICA was created by and for the exhibitor, and should continue to meet the needs of the exhibitor. Quality shows presented by active, energetic clubs are a big part of what makes the Northwest Region special, and solid leadership in your Region will help keep us strong by providing guidance and support to the clubs and members.

   Your region also needs sound, strong representation on the TICA Board of Directors. As both an Allbreed Judge and a founding member of TICA, you know that I am a voice that is heard and respected on the Board.

   Just as TICA and the Northwest Region each contribute to the strength of the other, I look forward to contributing to the strength of both, and to enhancing the TICA experience for each of you.  

 Thank You!

Exhibitor Support

"Ellen has always been quick to resolve regional issues and is always on top of what is going on with the Executive office. She has been a true ambassador to the Northwest."